Offers you a flexible approach to managing your staff levels.  This option allows you to match your workforce to your workload - decreasing overhead costs while still having access to talent when you need it.  From last minute fill-ins to short and long term projects, temporary staffing provides you with the flexibility to staff up when needed, without increasing your permanent headcount.
WorkForce's temp-to-hire program allows you to try out new employees on-the-job before you make a full-time hiring commitment.  To avoid paying an early conversion fee, the individual must be on the WorkForce payroll for 480 hours before being hired permanently by our client employer.  This reduces the chance of a bad hire.  
We manage all the details, so you can stay focused on running your business. Our Direct Hire services include: 

       • Evaluating your job requirements
       • Sourcing through advertising, online job postings, and direct recruitment
       • Interviewing
       • Pre-screen through various skills testing
       • Conducting reference and background checks as well as drug and alcohol testing
       • Coordinating the interview process
       • Acting as your liaison in negotiating the offer

This alternative allows you to recruit and identify candidates while payroll for those employees is handled by WorkForce. This helps eliminate the hassles of payroll as well as limiting your legal liabilities.

WorkForce provides support in a varity of fields including:

  • Office/Clerical

  • Industrial

  • Accounting/Finance

  • Engineering

  • Construction

  • Human Resources

  • Administrative

  • Legal

  • Manufacturing
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We make every attempt to provide you with the best qualified people we can with our interviewing process, reference checking, clerical testing, and dependent on the position, aptitude testing.  We verify Social Security Numbers on each individual we hire.  We cover all employee expenses including:  Wages, Social Security, Medicare, SUC/FUC and Workers' Compensation.

Other responsibilities of WorkForce include Advertising, Payroll Calculation, Wage Attachments, Check Print/Distribution, Quarterly Payroll Reports, W-2 Forms, Workers' Compensation Claims, Unemployment Compensation Claims, Unemployment Compensation Hearings, Bonding, General Liability Insurance and Self-Insurance.